Advantages of construction modules

The ZRUP system is very variable thanks to the continuous development. So it can be used for very basic constructions – such as building-site containers - as well as sophisticated constructions, such as warehouses, shops, administration buildings, petrol stations, hostels, guest-houses, hotels, blocks of flats, schools, kindergartens, town halls and even family houses. As the system is highly variable, any ground plan solution is possible up to three-floor buildings; also various materials are available for facades, roofing and finishing work. The customer can choose the form of the realisation of the building according to the general supplier of the building.


Steel construction

Quick and high quality construction

Speed – in comparison with conventional building techniques the whole process is 2/3 shorter – it enhances the efficiency of the whole project. As the modules are made and assembled in a hall, it is possible to build throughout all year.

Variability – the building is designed according to the desires of the investor, moreover, it can be expanded after completion. The whole building process is clean and noiseless.

Mobility – at any time it is possible to disassemble the whole building and transport it to another place where it may be reassembled. It can also be expanded later, which is a considerable advantage in comparison with traditional building. Then you can invest also on a rented place.